Course overview

    1. Introduction to AI

    2. Understanding Large Language Models and GPT

    3. What you are about to see...

    4. Explained: The conspiracy to make AI seem harder than it is! By Gustav Söderström

    5. Extra Credits

    6. Extra Credits: OpenAI Co-founder Greg Brockman on ChatGPT, DALL·E and the Impact of Generative AI

    7. Extra Credits: "Attention is all you need" - GPT explained

    8. Extra Credits: ChatGPT Could Be The Start Of The End!

    9. AI and LLM quiz

    1. AI in HR

    2. History of AI and HR

    3. AI in Recruitment

    4. TUTORIAL: Transform Your Recruiting with AI

    5. AI in Employee Engagement

    6. TUTORIAL: How Generative AI Can Help You Set Salaries

    7. AI in Learning and Development

    8. TUTORIAL: Create your L&D Strategy with ChatGPT.

    9. Tooling

    10. Tooling: Metaview

    11. Tooling: Holly

    12. Tooling: Sana Labs

    13. Tooling: Google Duet AI

    14. Tooling: Microsoft Copilot

    15. AI in HR Quiz

    1. AI's Impact on Roles and Skill Requirements

    2. Leveraging AI for DEI

    3. Challenges and Opportunities with AI in the Workforce

    1. Ethics and AI

    2. Extra Credits: On consciousness

    3. PDF: AI in the Workplace Playbook

    4. The Role of HR in Driving AI Adoption

    5. Change Management Strategies for Successful AI Implementation

    6. AI Adoption Quiz

    1. Next steps

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